now you know why storms are named after people
My name is Michaela. I am seventeen and I love books, Daphne Groeneveld, daisies, rainy days and good music.

"Love everyone. Every leaf. Every ray of light. Forgive."
What I Mean When I Say, "I Think About You Often."


May you always have soft sunlight, a full moon, a bus that always comes on time. Flowers. May your kisses feel like falling, like stars blossoming into nebulas. Good hands. May you feel like you are infinity, like time is always on your side. You are divine. A mouth full of…

I hate when people ruin your day or destroy your self-esteem and then act like they did nothing wrong and just go about their day. Like oh hey, I just burned your house down, let’s go get coffee.

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I hate when people say “just be happy”. You can’t just wake up and decide to be happy. My feelings aren’t clothes I pick out for school or a breakfast cereal. Telling someone who is depressed to “just be happy” is like throwing a cat in the air and expecting it to fly. (via goblins-cry-too)